Who I Am

My name is Alexander Luis Haq. All my life I’ve lived right here in Coral Gables. I cannot distinguish the difference between the words “home” and “Coral Gables”; to me, as well as many of you, they are the closest of synonyms. Some of my earliest memories are of attending Saint Theresa School as a boy, of swimming with friends at the Venetian Pool, and of fine nights on the Mile enjoying all the small wonders our City holds. At U.M., where I received my undergraduate degrees in history and theater, I developed a deep appreciation for the life story of Coral Gables and its astounding growth from literal backwater swamp to one of the most beautiful and economically vigorous cities in the country. You could even call it the physical embodiment of the American Dream. I don’t think it would be possible for me to feel prouder of being a native of The City Beautiful.

That beauty comes from beyond the red-tiled roofs and elaborate columns of our distinctive architecture, or the open and revitalizing plan of the city; it sprouts from you, me, and the rest of our fellow Coralites. We come from a multitude of cultural backgrounds, engage in a diversity of business endeavors, and hold faith in different creeds, and it from this melting pot that our city gets its spirit. Our people and home are truly unique, and if you elect me for city commission, I will never yield in my efforts to better Coral Gables for us all.



Let’s build something. Together.